Our Amplifiers

THE ATX amplifier

ATX is the Austin, TX airport code and the amp is an homage to Austin’s own Stevie Ray Vaughan. The ATX is a precise replica of Stevie’s Fender Vibroverb amps

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         The ATX Jr is the baby brother of the ATX amplifier. The perfect versatile gigging amp. Lightweight, feature rich, spacious sound and just enough power to turn it up for some creamy, bluesy, crunchy breakup with tons of sustain. The tone has the vintage bouncy, pillowy bottom, throaty mids, lots of chimey sweet bell tones with just enough bite and spank, with plenty of honk, quack, chirp and bark. The ATX Jr has all the latest revelations to produce the vintage sounding and effortlessly playable and inspiring amp yet.

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THE DFW Twin (Dallas/Fort Worth)

The DFW Twin was developed for Grammy winning country music guitar wizard Redd Volkaert. His desire was an amp that had the clean, tight, punchy sound of a pedal steel amp but with the warmth, harmonics, sustain and sweetness of tubes without the sizzle in the highs or the flabbiness in the lows. The circuit was designed through many hours of one on one time with Redd until achieving the desired results.

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THE Dixie

The Dixie amp is a custom designed circuit for maximum clean, sustaining headroom  that goes into a creamy, soulful, singing overdrive in a compact and lightweight enclosure made of solid pine and hand shellacked tweed. Perfect as a pedal platform or plugging a tele straight in with a natural compression. Premium vintage carbon comp resistors and custom cloth covered wire for the most natural and vintage tone full of rich overtones and personality.  

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THE Kingsville


The Kingsville was developed directly with Jimmie Vaughan which he’s been performing live with since 2009. It’s starting point was the classic Bassman circuit but it evolved into something more…  Through much study and exploration we’ve managed to preserve the essence of the original, while making a much more useable and flexible amp that can cover a broad range of styles and bring out the true colors of any guitar you plug into it. You’ll hear all the warm, woody tones and sparkling, shimmering tones coming from your guitar. It is very touch sensitive and responsive to your playing. Most of all, it’s extremely musical.

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THE Kingsville 59


The Kingsville 59 is an exact replica of a Fender 1959 Bassman. Painstaking R&D, minute details and investment into many custom parts went into the recreation of the tone of this iconic and highly prized amp using, modern, high quality and reliable components with modern, precision building techniques for a tone that can be depended on and cherished for years to come.

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THE LaGrange 5E3 Replica


Grammatico Amps proudly introduces its next production amp model, the LaGrange. Based on a Tweed Deluxe and designed to capture the tones of early ZZ Top, Neil Young, Keith Richards, Tom Petty, George Thorogood, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, T-Bone Walker, and many other classic rock tones when plugged straight into the amp. It accepts either single coils or humbuckers equally well.
The tone is very woody, warm, round, and fat with throaty mids and sweet rounded highs with just enough zing to make it exciting and cutting. It’s very organic, transparent, three dimensional with lots of bloom and harmonic richness.

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The new PDR is a 25 watt amp from 6V6 power tubes in a compact, lightweight package and a big tone with spring reverb and tube driven tremolo. The perfect gigging amp with good clean headroom that goes into a singing, creamy overdrive that takes pedals exceptionally well.

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THE Tremezzo

                     The Tremezzo is an exact replica of a Fender 5F11. It was a customer special order that turned out so good with it’s tube driven tremolo so it was added to the lineup of amps. It’s a small lightweight amps with a sweet, warm, woody, creamy tone with plenty of spank and ringing bell tone with nice breakup when pushed. It’s cleaner and more refined than the raw, rockin’ LaGrange. It’s available with a traditional 10″ speaker or a larger 12″


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