Kingsville Customer

Well the more I play this Kingsville the more amazed I am by it. I’m still getting to know it and finding settings that I like the most but it’s by far the best sounding amp I have played and I have either owned or played about everything out there from vintage to boutique. It’s really not even close. Keep in mind I have not really been much of a tweed guy, I have preferred blackface or brown. The Kingsville is really the best of tweed, brown, blackface.  Not sure how to describe it but it just has more of everything. It has really inspired me.

You mentioned it takes pedals well. I agree completely but find I don’t a boost or OD or anything. I just run the volume up a little in the amp and use the volume on the guitar. The amp is so fat and musical that I don’t need a boost to fatten things up like I sometimes did with a blackface. I think all I will really end up using with it is a tremolo and a Leslie simulator.

Anyway just wanted to let you know the love affair is still going on and congratulate you on the product you are building. I really am into artisans who build or create something that is of the highest caliber and the research, effort, and care that you put into this is obvious and appreciated.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. If someone in this area would like to know about or hear my Kingsville is be happy to show it to a prospective buyer.

Lastly I will tell you I am seriously considering a LaGrange. I think it would be great for some of the low volume jazz gigs I do know in my old age. Btw the Kingsville works awesome with my jazz archtop and I know the LaGrange would as well. Didn’t Kenny Burrell use a Deluxe?