Kingsville and New LaGrange Customer

La Grange sounds great. Just as described. A friend of mine sat in and was playing slide. He got so into the tone and feel of the amp Ive never heard him play so well.

I believe John Grammatico builds guitar amps because he is passionate about creating outstanding instruments that experienced players will understand and appreciate.

I have owned my Kingsville #0015 for about 3 years.

I also own a lot of great amps old and new that I should sell because I always grab my Kingsville as I’m loading my gear.

My Kingsville has been completely reliable and consistently sounds so good. My Kingsville has the clarity, warmth, and harmonic complexity that I love. John is a perfectionist and it shows in his attention to detail. Also it is so light and portable that I actually don’t mind unloading it at 3 a.m.. It has worked beautifully in all the venues that I have played some very large and some very small.

Paradoxically the simplicity of the amp makes it very flexible. Usually I go straight into the amp. I also have a small pedal board for some gigs with overdrive, a Univibe, and delay.

Recently I took a last minute job covering guitar for a band in need. At the sound check the engineer (I later found out he’s notorious for this game)  kept telling me to turn down. It finally got to be an absurd situation where the amp was on 1 and a half. : ) I thought, “This will be an interesting challenge.”, and using only a Bad Monkey overdrive I was able play my ass off.

I did need to stand close to the amp to even hear myself but the resonant pine cabinet and the 4×10 spread gave me a great big sound at a stupidly low volume. After the second set the engineer came up and complimented me on my tone and playing.

A seriously great amp. Not much it can’t do alone or with pedals and a good PA.